Who it's for
    It is the "Home of Tissue Technology":
  • - it contains interactive technical Galleries aimed at operators in the tissue industry: businesses, organisations, agencies, universities, individuals
  • - it is a platform open to anyone who wants to know, learn, study, understand, exchange ideas, make their name known through free and paid services

  • Topics

    It concerns topics relative to paper production technologies and processes - for home and away from home uses:

  • - converting
  • - packaging
  • - handling, shipping and storage
  • - raw materials (paper, packaging film, cardboard, glue)
  • - accessories for machines and systems
  • - maintenance
  • - case histories

  • How it works
    It provides public and private areas in the website. Qualified experts answer the technical questions that customers send in through the contacts
    Who needs it

    Businesses need it to get their name out there using methods other than the classic company website. Manage your own page with ads and a link to your website. Make your name known "in the industry", i.e. gain visibility in even broader terms. Use the site to receive qualified and targeted questions and set up dedicated areas such as "Ask the expert". Manage after-sales services and analyse Customer Satisfaction It is way to get to know and make yourself known, and create contacts between:

  • - businesses and users
  • - technicians who can exchange opinions and information, privately or publicly

  • Published on 20-05-13


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