TISSUE AGORA' is a portal dedicated to key players in the paper transformation world, where they are able to share information, experiences, discuss and find partners and solutions to meet their needs and requirements.

    TISSUE AGORA' is the portal through which PULSAR offers PLS, the PLS (Plant Layout Simulator) software. It is a powerful calculation engine dedicated to the analysis and control of converting line features and performance on the basis of specific customisable machine features that make up the line, paper and other raw material characteristics used in the process, such as glues, colours, and other factors, and on the basis of the products to be obtained, whether they are rolls, packs in customisable sizes, bags or boxes.

    TISSUE AGORA' is an environment open to producers of tissue items, machine and equipment manufacturers and raw material suppliers, where each user can provide information about themselves and their products, find information related to products of interest and find the most suitable agent to deal with, be it a colleague or a potential partner.

    The site includes several sections divided by subject area, from paper production, to converting to PLS. There are also broad areas dedicated to direct communication, accessible by all registered users in the form of open or private discussion forums, private discussions are kept confidential within a personally reserved space where it is possible to control access to selected or directly validated contacts only. A specific section is devoted to an open forum where technical questions can be posted and answers received directly from various organisation "experts" who participate in the portal or directly from industry colleagues who have experienced similar problems, in this way triggering a mechanism for the exchange and sharing of experiences and promotion or professional growth and collaboration among participants.

    The platform makes areas of introduction and interaction available, with users directly managed by participating companies. Activities can be published, business documents can be disclosed, support services and advice on-line can be provided through direct contact with experts.

    A personnel area is made available to registered users where they can introduce themselves and their skills. Each user can decide whether to publish or keep their area private, making it accessible only to privileged contacts which have been directly activated. Users can decide which areas to share and on what criteria. Each user has access to a private reserved storage area, where files and information of all kinds can be stored as well as customised documentation obtained from the PLS software and more. This area is completely confidential and not accessible by non authorised users, including platform managers.

    The PLS area, is reserved for members, who will need to register directly, opening their own personal account. Processing and calculation services will be available for use on the basis of subscription packages, with different levels of access and content, to obtain a fixed-term or ongoing licence. Scalable service subscription packages, will be prepared and made available.

    In the current version a DEMO model of the PLS software has been made available free of charge, it is accessed via personal registration, and it is possible to "play" with the software and see its computing capacity, analysis and processing with the assistance of a guidance tutorial. This phase of open disclosure has been decided to allow rapid diffusion of the portal, making it possible for all specialists to test and receive feedback regarding the characteristics described, preferred mode of use, desired information including those that are not present and their level of detail. The PLS aims to be a real support to users in the tissue supply chain in the optimisation of production lines and analysis of the various and specific applications, therefore the desire to involve industry professionals in the final stages of preparation, making a truly useful tool available.

    From the

    TISSUE AGORA' home page it is possible explore various areas, some already active, others only provided for or set up but not active, thus giving the opportunity to appreciate and possibly improving the structure of the product with suggestions and making the portal available sooner.

    Through the link on the Pulsar and

    TISSUE AGORA' dedicated LINKEDIN page, it is possible to leave comments, evaluations and opinions that will be taken into account in the development of the definitive portal.

    This stage of testing acceptance for professionals will last a few weeks; the time to collect valuable feedback and in turn transform ideas into perfecting the system.

    Published on 20-05-13


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