Giving people value, research and innovation

The Club is an association of companies and people, mainly but not exclusively in the paper industry and paper technology sectors, whose aim is to find, award and give value to all those who have passionately reach excellence in the technological field.

In order to achieve this goal, the Club organises the annual event “Technology and Passion Innovation Award” along with other thematic events to highlight and to provide opportunities to deserving persons and to promote and foster creativity in all its forms. The Club also organises workshops to present latest technological innovations and also informal initiatives to encourage friendly relationships amongst members and non members.

The Club works together with Universities by financing a “Club T&P Grant” and by organising orientation days for younger students. The Club pursues initiatives of solidarity and supports probity, ethical behaviours, human and social values, in order to view the course of technological innovation as an opportunity to provide answers to the needs of mankind.

To be a member of the Club means “excellence”.



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