annuncio-en change its name .

    TISSUEAGORA’.net is the new name and domain that takes the place of the site Pulsar , creator and owner of the website and the domains involved , has decided to change the domain name with the intent to revitalize and strengthen its promotion and diffusion.

    Whereas the domain becomes TISSUEAGORA’, identified by a new logo AGORA ' , the software for the simulation and calculation of the production lines in the Converting, retains the name PLS , which is the acronym for Plant Layout Simulator. PLS then becomes the identification of the product and the services related to it , which are proposed in the partition of the web site accessible with login and subsequent subscriptions.

    The meaning of the name change is to separate the software proposal from the basic platform dedicated to the communication and information exchange between professionals working in the field of tissue and related industries. The access to the processing software thus becomes one of the services and opportunities offered by AGORA ', which aims instead at expanding the range of information made available to the professionals operating into the sector.

    In fact, from the home page of AGORA ' one can access sections dedicated to a wide range of advertisers and professionals, who describe their characteristics ,products and services, their innovations and publish their contacts. The goal is to gradually expand the number of companies present in order to become a real point of collection and sorting of contacts and information relevant to the field of Tissue. Advertisers are manufacturers of plant and machinery, of commodities, like raw materials, components and services, and publishers, besides the Tissue manufacturers and Official Associations or other entities involved in this sector for different reasons.

    In addition, each advertising company has at its disposal the possibility to offer a direct contact with an " EXPERT " appointed by them , to whom the site visitors can ask questions or send inquiries of various kinds, contacting them directly from the site. The communication between registered parties takes place in an absolutely secure and confidential way - in fact , the user can decide to use 3 filter tools for the contacts:

    • - The forum, common platform for all to see .
    • - Restrict communication to a group of users with similar profiles (eg , all manufacturers or associations ).
    • - Maintain the contact and the exchange of information confidential only with the contact person looked for .

    A search engine allows users to search among the registered persons and to get in touch with them, inviting them , sending messages and exchanging content . In fact, the AGORA’ platform has the characteristics of a social media, making it easy to identify people with similar interests and promoting the exchange of information. Unlike a social , AGORA’ makes information instantly accessible to all players in the field of Tissue, at any level and of any nature whatsoever , thus promoting the diffusion of information and professional growth . Finally, through AGORA ' it is possible to have access to the PLS , a technical tool that has the potential to become also a standard environment for homogeneous and comparable calculations.

    Published on 30-01-14


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