Gambini S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer in tissue converting machinery which provides innovative solutions that bring real benefits to customers in terms of value and quality of the finished product.

Gambini converting lines, both Consumer and Professional, meet the market demands and they feature high safety standards, flexibility and operational excellence.

Gambini is the original inventor of the revolutionary TouchMax, the safest & most versatile embosser, which allows to produce several and different products without replacing any embossing rolls in the machine. TouchMax can laminate both random or synchronized configuration guaranteeing high quality finished product in terms of and, thanks to its five steel embossing rolls on board, it allows only 3 minutes product changeover.

Among further Gambini’s latest innovations: FLEXLESS technology which allows to maintain NIP always even; VARIDECK – the first laminating unit capable to change laminated paper width in a few seconds without replacing cliché roll or sleeves; SMARTCUT – fast + accurate Coremaker; and new Log Saw - the fastest one on the market.

Gambini’s modular machines may be retrofitted on non-Gambini lines as well and offer the ability to upgrade existing lines and increase production efficiency.

In any context, Gambini company is the suitable supplier for who demands a productive solution: efficient, flexible and fast.

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Gambini spa è un’azienda leader nella progettazione, sviluppo e costruzione di sistemi per la produzione di carta tissue per uso consumer e professional.



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