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Perini Journal is a magazine with a strong identity, it's a unique information tool in the world of tissue, that has an international passport as it speaks to its readers in three languages (Italian, English, Chinese).

For more than 30 years PERINI JOURNAL, published by Fabio Perini S.p.A., has been describing every six months how the tissue industry works. Its special sections dedicated to technology, the tissue market, paper culture, product innovation and many others, ensure readers news and information. For the PJL, communicating means sharing through its different multimedia platforms and its website,, is a consistently updated macro container that re-proposes the magazine’s paper contents, expanding and enriching them with updated news and curiosities coming from the world of tissue.

Surfing on the site, you can browse through the different contents and in the “notes” section, you will find constant global news updates on the universe of tissue and not only, as well as our very popular TidBits. Integrating communication, diffusing it and always being in contact with our readers: this is our secret. Perini Journal wants to offer its readers a virtual container full of dynamic, always updated information.

The Perini Journal App, available in Italian and English, allows everyone e to enjoy the best contents of the magazine in a simple and engaging way. For each issue of the Perini Journal, you can flip through articles, share them on your social networks and be constantly updated on what’s happening in the tissue world in the Notes section. In the App, you can also find a calendar with all the most relevant events in the world of tissue, the Tidbits container of small curiosities about the world of paper, and a game created to have fun in the tissue world and its curiosities.

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