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Toscotec is a leading company in the design, manufacture and delivery of complete plants and equipment for the production of tissue, paper and board.

Founded in Lucca, heartland of paper production in Italy, Toscotec has been active since 1948 delivering complete plants and machine rebuilds throughout the world with particular focus on "turn-key" projects and on dedication to, and care of, its customers.

Besides the Italian headquarters located in Marlia (Lucca), Toscotec today has two overseas locations: Toscotec Asia & Pacific in Shanghai (China) and Toscotec America in Green Bay (U.S.).

Toscotec is divided in two internal divisions to provide dedicated service customers by highly specialized personnel:
  1. The Tissue Division dedicated to the development, design and engineering of tissue plants and machinery. With broad experience in the field focused mainly on the supply of "turn-key" projects, the Tissue Division team is committed to the optimization of design and process for our customers. The team is also involved both in R&D activities and field operations and brings significant added value both to our company and to our customers;
  2. The Paper & Board Division which comprises a young yet experienced team. Thanks to the constant dedication to the design of innovative solutions, the team has brought to the market products such as the TT XPress and the TT Short Former. The team is capable of handling "turn-key" projects with particular focus on the rebuilding and modernization of existing paper machines.
The following teams exist to support the two internal divisions:
  1. Stock Preparation: dedicated to the design of stock preparation plants for the treatment of both virgin fibers and recycled paper for the production of tissue and of paper & board.
  2. Spare Part Service:For the supply of spare parts to customers either of Toscotec design or market-available spares.
  3. Customer Care: An all-around team for customers providing papermaking assistance, maintenance teams, erection teams, process consultancy and training courses.

In 60 and more years of activity Toscotec's purpose has been to perfectly combine product reliability and technical innovation, quality of components and high performance of the whole plant. These, together with the strong partnership with its customers, aiming to find innovative solutions to satisfy their requirements, are the roots of Toscotec's success.

In addition to "turn-key" supplies and brand new tissue machines, Toscotec has also become a strategic player in the development of solutions to improve the performance and optimize operating costs of existing plants through upgrades and rebuilds of machine sections and complete plants.

In these areas the latest and best technologies feature products such as: multilayered headboxes, consistency profiling on the headbox, steel yankee dryers, jumbo presses, and reels with linear secondary arms. All are designed according to the latest Best Available Technology and are focused on energy and fibre savings. 3D modelling is an important tool adopted by Toscotec both in mechanical and plant engineering design.

Supplying standard equipment has never been Toscotec's approach to the market, always incorporating technical innovations in components and equipment which are designed to ease the path towards reaching targeted performance levels.

For these reasons Toscotec has also recently set up TOSCOTEC TECH, with the affiliates Milltech and Stori, creating a cradle of high level competences to design, develop and maintaining new technologies and new products in an integrated environment focused on the customer’s needs.

Published on 23-01-14

Published on 23-01-14

Published on 23-01-14

Published on 23-01-14

Published on 23-01-14

Published on 23-01-14

Published on 23-01-14

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